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About Me

  At Just Your Type Massage, the goal is to provide personalized massage, facials, and body treatments that cater to the unique needs of each individual. I believe that every client deserves tailored services that deliver optimal relief and satisfaction. Through open communication and collaboration between client and therapist, I strive to ensure that every session is tailored to be 'Just Your Type'


Erica is a highly trained and experienced Licensed Massage Therapist, having graduated from the Anthem Institute in 2012. With her deep understanding of the unique challenges and preferences of each individual, she has developed an excellent reputation for providing tailored treatments that address issues such as head, neck, shoulder tension/injuries and lower back pain. Additionally, Erica is a certified Nurturing The Mother Practitioner as well as a mother herself, giving her the expertise to help women through the physical and emotional tension that can arise during pregnancy and delivery. Drawing upon her extensive knowledge, she is able to offer a wide variety of specialized treatments, including Deep Tissue, pre-natal/ postnatal care, Thai Massage and corrective work, as well as Medical Massage, Swedish, Mu-Xing, and Cupping.

     Erica has been an Licensed Esthetician since 2013 and is passionate about helping her clients achieve their skin care goals. She provides relaxing treatments that are tailored to each individual and guides them towards long-term solutions. With her expertise and personalized approach, her clients can gain improved confidence and a better understanding of their daily skincare regimen.